Missoula Valley Internet Co-Op

Your locally owned and operated ISP, providing faster speeds than the competition at affordable prices

Installation Technicians and Sales Representatives Wanted!

Do you want to help grow Missoula’s first and only community-powered internet provider?

We small but growing organization with a rapidly expanding community network striving to meet the ever growing demand for fast, affordable, broadband connectivity for both the city of Missoula and our more rural surrounding communities struggling to gain access to modern broadband connectivity.

To meet the existing and rapidly growing demand for our service we are looking for field technicians that will be responsible for customer installations and provide a friendly and familiar face for end-user customer support. No prior experience needed — just a willingness to learn about new technologies and a desire to help provide your neighbors and fellow Missoula Valley residents with fast and affordable community powered broadband!

Additionally we are looking for any experienced sales reps to help us grow our customer-base and network of relay’s as we grow our service area to cover the Missoula and Bitterroot valley, connecting the over 15,000 households that are currently cut off from modern broadband service, and provide a fast and affordable local alternative to the national incumbent providers that have kept a stranglehold on Montanan’s access to the internet for too long!

All positions start as 1099 contractors with potential for conversion to part-time or full time employment after an appropriate training and trial period.

For field technicians college credit is available during the training period.

If you are interested please reach out to us via our contact page or by hopping on our public chat channel.

A new kind of network specially designed for rural communities:

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We are a registered 501c3 — EIN: 85-1859193