Accessing Your Althea Router Dashboard

Althea Dashboard

Accessing your Althea router is as simple as entering the following into your browser address bar:

This will present you with your router’s dashboard that looks like this:

On this page you will see the following:


  • Review Finances: This link will send to you your routers finances overview page where you can view historical spending and download a spending report in .csv format.
  • Account Balance: This amount is listed in DAI. DAI is a cryptocurrency known as a “stablecoin.” That means that the value of DAI is valued 1:1 with USD. You can learn more about DAI here.
  • Add Funds: This button will present you with a step-by-step process to load additional funds on to your router with your debit card (Note: this process only supports debit cards. Credit card payment is not supported.)
  • Withdraw: This button will allow you to withdraw funds from your router. This functionality is typically only used by people who host relays that generate a profit, where they are able to withdraw additional funds their relay earns.

You can learn more about managing your routers finances here.

Monthly Bandwidth Overview:

  • Month to Date: These figures represent your bandwidth usage and cost calculated from the beginning of the calendar month.
  • Last Month: These figures show your bandwidth usage and amount spent in the previous calendar month.