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The custom Althea software that runs on our routers provide a user friendly web portal that allows you to manage your Althea service and view your account information in the same way you would log into your on-line account with other internet service or utility providers.

The dashboard accessible on your Althea router contains all the features and functionality to manage your account balance, view your bandwidth usage and spending history, configure your home Wi-Fi and wired network, view your connection status and troubleshooting information, as well as a multitude of features that allow you to customize your level of service.

The following articles provide reference information about how to use your routers various features, and detailed explanations of the information you’ll find contained in your router’s dashboard.

As this page is still a work in progress, if there is any particular information missing that you would like to see added to our documentation please submit your request using our contact page.

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Online privacy and security are part of the core values our non-profit and top priority for our customers. While our service provides fully secure and encrypted connection to the internet, built in to every customer router by default, that is only part of a wider amount of education, awareness, and important practices every informed internet user should be aware of. That is why we make it a point to provide both educational materials and recommended software to ensure our users take special steps to maintain their privacy and security on-line.

While to some it may seem obvious, it’s important to first understand why our privacy is important. To borrow a particularly succinct explanation from the organization Privacy Guides:

“I have nothing to hide. Why should I care about my privacy?”

Much like the right to interracial marriage, woman’s suffrage, freedom of speech, and many others, we didn’t always have the right to privacy. In several dictatorships, many still don’t. Generations before ours fought for our right to privacy. Privacy is a human right inherent to all of us, that we are entitled to without discrimination.

You shouldn’t confuse privacy with secrecy. We know what happens in the bathroom, but you still close the door. That’s because you want privacy, not secrecy. Everyone has something to hide, privacy is something that makes you human.


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