Hardware Packages, Installation & Service Costs

Service Costs:

We differ from most broadband providers in that we don’t sell “speed tier” service levels — every customer receives uncapped bandwidth at the maximum speed their hardware is capable of delivering. Instead we use a completely transparent utilized billing model where the cost of our service is broken down in two parts, with no hidden or additional fees:

  1. Bandwidth usage, paid per gigabyte of data used.
  2. A flat $10/month support fee.

The price per gigabyte averages between $0.12-$0.17/gb, varying based upon your location, how many relays your connection travels through on it’s way to our gateway, and the end cost of the gateway you’re connected to, but will not exceed $0.19/gb.

How Much Will I Pay?

We set the price per gigabyte so that our customers fall into one of three general categories:

  • Most households (2 parents with 1.5 children) pay $50-$60/month.
  • Single person households or otherwise lite internet users pay between $25-$35/month.
  • Large households or otherwise heavy internet users typically pay $80-$100/month.

Funds are pre-loaded on to a secure digital wallet on your router on an as-needed basis, and usage can be transparently tracked on a private web portal accessible via your router. These funds never expire, and at no point do we hold or have access to the funds securely stored on your router.

When the funds on your router reach less than $10 you will receive a daily text message notifications that you will soon need to load additional funds onto your router.

To learn more about why we use this billing model, how we set the price per gigabyte, and the advantages this model has over traditional ISP “speed tier” billing review our customer FAQ page.

Free-tier Service

If your router completely runs out of funds you will always remain connected, but set to our free-tier service, which rate limits your connection down to 2mb/s. This allows for customers who may not immediately be able to afford to reload funds on to their router to maintain a connection to the internet that will provide basic functionality like simple web browsing, e-mail, or a zoom call. We will never disconnect a customer for non-payment.

Hardware Packages:

Entry Level Package:

Antenna: Ubiquiti LTU Wireless CPE
Linksys EA3650 AC1200+ Dual-band WiFi Router
Package Overview: This router provides roughly 1000sq ft of WiFi coverage and is capable of delivering connections speeds of 100-120mb/s.

High Performance Package:

Antenna: Ubiquiti LTU Wireless CPE
Linksys WRT32x AC3200 Dual-band WiFi Gaming Router
Package Overview: This router provides over 1200sq ft of WiFi coverage and is capable of delivering maximum speeds of from 200mb/s-500mb/s.

Business Service Package:

Antenna: Ubiquiti LTU Pro Wireless CPE
Protectli Vault Micro Firewall Appliance – 4 Port Gigabit Router
Package Overview:
The router included in this package is a wired ethernet router capable of speeds up to 1gb/s. This router does not include wireless capabilities by default, but can be added on by request.
Additionally, included in our portfolio of business IT services, we provide small business and enterprise-grade wired and multi-access point wireless deployment services.
For businesses that would also like to host a relay we can add that to your installation upon request.
As the size and requirements of our business customers are all unique the cost for installation is done on a per-case basis, where a bid will be provided upon the initial site inspection.

Note: for large business customers who have an existing provider they want to continue to use our service can be utilized as either a load balanced connection to add additional capacity, or as a low-cost hot-failover backup connection. Special configurations can be provided on request.

Relay Host Package:

Antenna: Various
Linksys WRT32x AC3200 Dual-band WiFi Gaming Router
Relay Revenue:
$0.01/GB (average relay earnings typically range from $25-$60/month)
Package Overview: As relays serve the essential core function of growing our network in size and speed by providing bandwidth to customers around them the minimum router required is our Linksys WRT32X router capable of handling a faster connection speed than our entry level router, though other router options are also available. This also means that, by necessity, we work to deliver the fastest connection possible to our relay hosts.

Each relay is designed and built on a case-by-base basis to both maximize it’s benefit to the network as well as the revenue it earns for the owner. The price listed here is the entry level price for a basic relay, but depending on the location and the amount the customer is willing to invest in their relay can be built with higher performance equipment and multiple receiving and transmitting antennas.

Relay Hosting Disclaimers:

While relays do provide the owner a certain revenue, purchasing a relay should not be considered a profit-making investment. Relay earnings fluctuate over time depending on the number of customers around you, as well as their overall bandwidth usage. While there are certain circumstances in which a relay might earn a profit, most relays earn enough to significantly and sometimes entirely subsidize a customers service cost.

Anyone has the option (and is encouraged) to host a relay, not all locations are well suited for a relay at the time of their initial customer installation. If this is the case and you wish to host a relay we will keep you on a wait list and notify you at such time when hosting a relay would be practical.

You can find our formal relay operator agreement here.

Disclaimers and Notes Concerning Equipment and Installation Costs:

As we sell all equipment at cost we cannot currently provide any lower prices. While we offer a quality of service that provides faster speeds and lower costs than other internet providers, we do understand that the upfront cost can be a barrier for entry in some cases. Because of this we offer to work with every customer on a per-case basis to establish convenient payment plans.

We are continually working on ways we can provide equipment, installations, and the cost of our service itself at an ever lower cost to our customers. Along these lines we are also working on plans to be able to provide subsidized equipment, installation, and service fees for low-income families and other demographics in need.

Lastly, due to the continually and quickly changing landscape of supply chains for electronics, and other supplies related to our installations, these prices can be subject to change. However any change in cost will always be promptly communicated to all present and future customers on our website and other forms of direct communications.

Thank you in advance for your understanding. We look forward to continuing to grow our network and providing best-in-class services to residents of the Missoula and Bitterroot valley’s for many years to come.