Recommended Browsers

With so many browsers out there it’s hard to know which to choose.
So which browsers are the best at providing a private and secure web experience?


Brave is based on Chrome but developed with a privacy-focused approach, tuned to perform faster than other competing browsers, compatible with most Chrome extensions, and includes advanced features not found in other browsers.
Key features include:

  • Ad blocking, fingerprinting prevention, cookie control, and malicious script blocking.
  • Built-in password manager with multi-device syncing.
  • Integrated privacy-focused search engines such as DuckDuckGo and their own Brave search.
  • Built-in anonymizing TOR network private browsing.
  • Integrated cryptocurrency wallet.
  • IPFS integration.
  • Earn rewards for opting-in to view private ads.
  • Much, much, more…


Firefox is one of the longest developed open-source browser supported on a every popular operating system and mobile devices with a history of being fast, highly secure, and includes many anti-tracking and privacy-focused features.
Key features include:

  • Integrated password manager with multiple device syncing.
  • Third party tracking protection and fingerprinting prevention.
  • Private browsing mode.
  • Containers to easily organize tabs into private spaces which prevents websites such as facebook, google, and other from tracking web browsing habits.
  • A large selection of browser extensions that add additional functionality, customization, application integrations, and security features.

Tor Browser

For those looking for a truly anonymous browsing experience Tor Browser, based on Firefox, operates by routing all browsing activities through the Tor network which is comprised of a global network of “nodes” running the Tor software designed to obfuscate user traffic.
Key features include:

  • Privacy focused development that ensures all traffic is fully anonymized.
  • A built-in set of browser extensions to further ensure your browsing stays private and secure.
  • Access to .onion domain sites that operate exclusively on the Tor network.
  • Cross-platform development, making Tor Browser available for all operating systems and mobile devices.