Selling Bandwidth & Relay Statistics

Relay Overview

If you choose to host a relay in your routers dashboard menu you will see an option labeled “Selling Bandwidth.” By clicking on this option you will be presented with the following screen:

Selling Bandwidth

By default we set the automated price of every relay at $0.01/gb. With the average broadband customer using roughly 350gb/month each relay host earns roughly $3.50 for each customer connected directly to their relay, and all customers connected to downstream relays, as their connection traverses the network to the network gateway.

Bandwidth Price

Every relay operator has the option to set the price for the selling of bandwidth to their own price (within a certain range). The caveat to this is that if a relay operator sets their price too high their relay will be routed around in choice of a cheaper relay, thereby earning nothing.

As it is our aim to ensure customers receive the most affordable prices, that our relay operators make the optimum return from the relay equipment they host, and to keep the network running at peak efficiency we recommend keeping the “enable automated pricing” box checked.


As the network grows and more relay operators come on-line the “neighbors” heading will populate with all nearby relays and display the connection quality they have to each neighboring relay.

Revenue History

As a relay begins to forward traffic across the network the “revenue history” section will begin to populate. There is a drop-down menu on this section that allows the relay host to filter their earning history by week, month, and year. Similar to the “Finances” page there is an “export to csv” that will produce a spreadsheet download of the relay’s earning history.


If when you log into your router you don’t see the “selling bandwidth” menu option, click on the main menu drop down and go to “advanced settings.”
On the “advanced settings” page scroll down to the heading tabled “Selling Bandwidth” and select checkbox labeled “Show link to ‘Selling Bandwidth’ page in dashboard navigation menu.”