Service Coverage Map

Current Coverage Area

This image shows our current service area, which as of September, 2022 covers the majority of the Missoula Valley including the Mullen Rd / Kelly Island area and the Wye.

Service in Frenchtown will be available in the coming weeks tentatively slated for October, 2022.

Continued expansion south of Missoula, Lolo, and continuing down the Bitterroot Valley is planned for late 2022 / beginning of 2023.

Note: even if your location currently falls inside our coverage area a site survey must first be completed to confirm proper signal from the nearest relay. Physical obstructions including buildings, heavy tree coverage, and other physical barriers can impede signal strength to the point installation may not be possible at the present date. Continued relay build-out occurring on a 3-4 week cycle will gradually fill in any dead-spots, and otherwise expand and improve our coverage area.

If service is not available at your location and you or a neighbor is interested in hosting a relay please reach out to our sales line for further information.

Total Proposed Coverage Area

This map shows the total purposed coverage area of the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op network. Providing service to this large an area will be an undertaking that will take multiple years. Once we have established solid coverage across the city of Missoula we will begin the process of gradually building outwards, selecting the surrounding communities to the west, east, and south based upon need and demand. The edges of our network will ultimately be Ninepipes / Alberton, Clinton, and the Hamilton area (respectively).

While the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op represents the flagship network operated by the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance, it will ultimately be just one of many other networks we will operate (or otherwise partner with) in the state of Montana, and other states across the PNW region that our larger non-profit organization will operate in.

For news about our other networks currently in the planning phases please refer to the official site of the Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance.