Service Coverage Map

Current Coverage Area

Our current service area covers the south Grant Creek area. This includes the Prospect and Glen Eagle neighborhoods, homes located along lower Grant Creek Rd, the Cottonwood townhouse community, and the north end of Reserve st. This service area will soon continue to expand further up the north Grant Creek area towards Snowbowl and Bench rd, as well as south/south-west to cover Mullen and Bigflat Rd, the Wye, Frenchtown, and Huson areas. Details around expansion to these areas will be announced soon.

Network Scale-Out Phase 1

Phase 1 of our pending network expansion, to begin in Q1 2022, will initially cover Missoula’s north-side neighborhood. From this point we will begin scaling out across the city of Missoula, East Missoula, Bonner, and Clinton as well as south to Lolo and continuing down the Bitterroot Valley.

Total Proposed Coverage Area

This map shows the total purposed coverage area of the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op network. Providing service to this large an area will be an undertaking that will take multiple years. Once we have established solid coverage across the city of Missoula we will begin the process of gradually building outwards, selecting the surrounding communities to the west, east, and south based upon need and demand. The edges of our network will ultimately be Ninepipes / Alberton, Clinton, and the Hamilton area (respectively).

We will be holding regular communities calls through which we will announce our expansion to each of these areas across Missoula county and further south along the Bitterroot valley, as well as through our other social media pages and marketing.

While the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op represents the flagship network operated by the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance, it will ultimately be just one of many other networks we will operate (or otherwise partner with) in the state of Montana, and other states across the PNW region that our larger non-profit organization will operate in.

For news about our other networks currently in the planning phases please refer to the official site of the Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance.