Setting Up Your Exit Node

In most cases your technician should have run through these initial set-up steps with you and your exit node should already be configured. If by chance you accidentally reset your router, or have received a new router you will need to run through these steps to get your new router registered on our network and on-line.

Advanced Settings:

First access your Althea router by entering the following into your browser address bar:

Click on the “Settings” link on the left-hand side panel and scroll down until you see the section entitled “Exit Node”:

Clicking on “Setup Exit Node” will bring up a window with two selections; click on the “us_west” option you see here:

Select “us_west”

Next you will see a screen where you will be asked to enter a cell phone number, area code included (NOTE: this number must be able to receive SMS text messages; a landline phone number will not work):

Enter your phone number in the bottom field, including area code.

You will then receive a 4 digit confirmation code via text message. Enter the 4 digit code on the following screen:

Enter the 4 digit code you received via text here

Once you have entered the code correctly you will recieve a confimration screen like this, which you can click the ‘Finish’ button. Your router is now registered on the network and you are now on-line!

This screen signifies your router has registered with an exit node and is on-line!